Institute of Network Cultures Reader

The Institute of Network Cultures has published the Theory on Demand book series since 2009 as print-on-demand and ebooks. The main audience is made of students and academicians.

The current platform was only showing static files (PDF or ebooks) which were not easily readable; also, the main platform lacked of interactivity.

As a part of the Navigating Theory on Demand research project (in collaboration with Josip Batinic and with the help of Lucia Dossin), I questioned the current platform in order to improve the reading’s experience and to make the publications easily readable and browsable online. This project aims to find a new way of interacting with the publications and their content, by breaking away from the limitations of print and ebook.

For this project, we conduced a survey on online’s reading habits as well as usability test and a beta testing of the platform with the audience of the MoneyLab symposium.

The publications are browsable with a series of filters.

The main information about the publication shows clearly on the top of the page: title, author, description.

The text displays the main keywords of the text, as well as the results of a built-in search tool.

A definition tool and a referencing tool are also available in order to help the reader understanding and quoting this text for academic purposes.




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